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Depiction of a typical Solar and Tesla-driven home (disclaimer: not my home :)

What’s is this article about?

Recently due to bad weather, Melbourne experienced power cuts from several hours to more than a week in some suburbs. Despite several trees falling over and extensive power cuts, the Tesla storm watcher didn’t activate even once. This inspired me to think of a smarter and autonomous approach for my Tesla Powerwall management. Currently, Tesla provides you a limiting all or nothing scenario (full back-up or manual back-up configs).

Relevant backstory: How we embarked on Solar and the experience thus far?

I am a technologist who lives in Eltham, Victoria (Australia). During the pandemic and city lockdowns, I began…

In a short summary, this post alludes to the importance of following a framework and listening to your gut & intrinsic motivations when making personal & professional choices. Furthermore, the post also provides a quick tour of my experiences and inner workings that motivated me to join a market-leading Observability & AIOps brand called Dynatrace. At my previous company, we looked at Dynatrace as a serious rival and last thing I could expect is joining their local Team. :) In colloquials, things (s***) happen.

On a more serious note, if you are facing a career dilemma and struggling to making…

An organisation is no different from a watch that has several parts coming together to make a watch

Disclaimer: These are not my current employer’s opinions, it’s purely mine. This has nothing to do with my current employer’s culture and organisation, it’s purely an effort to give back to our business community. The examples provided here are mostly applicable to an ISV (independent software vendor).

YOU: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yet another article on company culture.

ME: Not really, read on.

We have been oversold the “cultural tonic” without much guidelines and prescription on how to implement it. In my not-so-humble opinion, a company’s culture splits into several types (I call them the 4 pillars of an organisation’s culture):

As an enterprise software vendor, upstarts launching in new regions employ a standard go-to-market team structure. Such a team entails sales executives, pre-sales consultants, customer success reps, post sales architect, sales and presales management, support specialist, field marketing team, and sales ops team. Any company launching their product in Asia or any non-US region typically hires a sales director to begin with, at least this is the pattern I’m most familiar with. This MD/GM persona is tasked with setting up the new office, hire the roles to make the organisation a success in the new region and trusted with investment…

I invite every Sr. Developer or Delivery Consultant out there to try their hands at a sales engineer role, this role comes with endless possibilities (literally). If you are a matured people’s person and not in love with yourself, you will do great at this role.

Also, if you are a sales engineer currently not yielding desired results, then follow the simple steps covered here. Make this your bible and you will almost always do right by your company and your customers.

Essentially, you require a simple combination of 1) average intelligence 2) high emotional intelligence. …

An image prescribing a utopian monitoring center (Pixabay: CC0)

First, welcome to 2019. Hope this is your year of rapid rise and achievements.

In this article, I will be sharing the secret recipe for building a world-class observability unit with core tips based on using the right tools, steps and the best principles available in the industry.

I’ve stayed vendor-neutral in order to really do justice by helping a larger group of teams, individuals and companies who seek the answers. I will let you be the judge of the best tool that works for your unique use-cases, challenges, and team dynamics.

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An illustrated guide to becoming a better SRE and developer whilst embracing some contemporary monitoring tips

We’re almost nearing the end of the year 2018, and about to enter 2019. The newest electric cars charge in under 3 mins, Virgin Galactic supersonic plane has reached space, however, in the monitoring & DevOps world teams are still struggling to launch full-scale monitoring solution to manage a modern app stack. Thanks but no thanks to the assortment of CI/CD tools thrown our way and the forced advent of microservices, cloud & DevOps practices. Whilst, they provide countless optimizations and benefits, the biggest…

This article is an advanced read on all things distributed tracing: the must-dos and the must-nots. The idea behind this article is not to push the New Relic envelope, it is to educate the masses (techies) about all things distributed tracing.

Photo: Application agents are exactly like a CCTV (Pixabay, CC0)

Who is this for?

  • For any developer, DevOps practitioner, CTO, app owner, SRE resource or a business leader who wishes to provide 5-Star user experience to his/her customers and wishes to learn about the secret sauce that can deliver it.

Who am I?

I am a digital Intelligence evangelist for a major monitoring vendor and an open-source systems enthusiast. I belong to the church of monitoring…


Sales Engineering Leader | SRE and Dev advocate | Tech enthusiast | Dad

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